Recently on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, like many Realtors like me, I was out showing homes to my clients. Except this past Memorial Day weekend Sunday was different. This will be a Sunday to remember for a long time. 

My clients wanted to see four condominiums on this day. The previous day I had set up the appointments and had everything planned out. However, one of the showings declined my showing due to sellers occupying the condo over the long weekend.

Condos are similar to apartment complexes, they have same street address but different unit numbers.  To make things complicated the unit number can be further identified by the floor level, A,B,C or D. For example 123 Main St, Unit 312 D. 

This year in Texas, even in the month of May, we are experiencing record level of hot temperatures. After driving around and walking few flights of stairs, everyones exhausted and sweating. The Memorial Day weekenders additional vehicles in already limited parking spaces are exacerbating my situation.

After showing two condos, we are onto the last one. Of course that’s like trying to find the last word on a word search puzzle. The GPS can only direct me to the general area. We decided to park at the first available open spaces and walk around to find the next condo that was on my list.

I found the building and immediately wave at my clients who were still sitting in the air conditioned car, for my signal.  I walked up to the front door, located the SUPRA lockbox, put in the code and retrieved the key. Excited, I do my before I open the door rituals, ring the bell, knock on the door, loudly ask “Is anyone Home?” Wait few seconds and I opened the door. 

As soon as I walked in, I noticed an ubiquitous smell, clothes and other personal belongings strewn all over the place. My clients were cautiously shadowing me, as if walking through a mine field.

I entered the living room and I see more clothes, baskets and boxes all over the furniture. Then I noticed on a separate sofa a humanbeing, a young man in his 20’s, lying amongst this pile of clothes and stuff. I instantly give the STOP hand sign to my clients who are feets away from me. “Hello, anybody home”? I keep repeating. The young man is not responding. I assumed he was completely passed out from partying or other activities.

Not a moment longer did I wait there. I escorted my clients to the outside and locked the door behind me. Short while later a older man opened the door and asks “Can I help you”? I introduced to him and repeatedly apologized. Although it was amusingly funny to one of my clients, I was thinking to myself, ‘That was close’. You see, in Texas, residents are armed for self defense and are always ‘Locked and Loaded’.

Trying to figure out what had just transpired, I told my clients that I didn’t understand why the sellers didn’t vacate the condo. Both my clients and myself, we cross checked our scheduled appointment times. Then I finally figured out what went wrong.

As I told you earlier about how some condo complexes are designed and laid out, you can easily get lost in the maze of adjoining buildings. Although we were at the right location, we were at the wrong unit. The unit we were looking for was just around the corner in a different building on a different floor. It was totally my oversight. I actually opened the condo that the sellers had declined a showing. The mistake that I made was, when I saw the door with SUPRA lock box, I assumed that was the right one. Lesson learned !!

The moral of the story, all doors may look alike, all doors may have a lockbox, always crosscheck your unit number before attempting to open and enter. You could loose your life. Gratefully, I live another day so I can share this with you.

Life of a Realtor